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Atlantic Metalworks GI-100 - 100 lbs 50 gpm Grease Trap Interceptor


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Some people buy grease traps based on the physical size of their store. The problem here is that grease traps are measured by the output of water flow, not the capacity of a restaurant. Some bigger stores may need a GI-100, but some smaller stores with a greater output may also need the same exact size. Ask yourself the right questions- how many fats and oils does your food produce? Do you need a small, medium or large grease trap? The question for the restaurant owner is not whether you should get one, but rather it is “Which one should you get?” The GI-100 is our biggest grease interceptor. Atlantic Metalworks’s equipment is promised to be free of defects in material and flaws in workmanship for an entire year from the date you purchase it. With a very sturdy carbon steel design and PDI certificate of approval, our largest grease trap available will keep excess oils, fats, and grease from blocking up a main sewage line or breaking your pipes. Invest in one today! Still confused as to what Grease Traps are and why you actually need one? Browse through our blogs on Grease Traps, we have posts on Types, Sizing, the History of Grease Interceptors, a Cleaning Video, and a Cleaning Log. In a hurry? Check out these key benefits: Capacity: 100 lbs. Gallons Per Minute: 50. Inlet/Outlet Nominal Pipe Size: 4". Includes an Air Intake and Flow Control. To help find which size you will need for your specific need, see the comparison chart below.

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