Blendtec EZ 600 Countertop Blender ES3 with FourSide Jar

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Tasty treats like smoothies and milkshakes can be popular and profitable menu items, and you don’t need all the features of a high end blender to make them. If you’re looking for a quality, affordable blender, you’ll want to consider buying one from Blendtec, a company known for their high powered mixing machines. Blendtec made the EZ blender with 3 things in mind: power, functionality, and value.

The EZ 600, formally known as the EZ Countertop Blender, is a reliable blender that packs a punch. With Blendtec’s direct-drive design, it has fewer moving parts than a traditional blender, and the motor is less vulnerable to wear and tear. At 3 horsepower and 13 amps, the powerful EZ is ready for a wide variety of blending tasks.

That versatility is where the EZ’s value really shines. As an entry-level, blender, it has a low price point but bears the same time-tested design found in Blendtec’s other blenders. With the direct-drive motor, compatibility with any Blendtec jar, and a full-service, 1 year warranty, the EZ 600 has all the hallmark elements that make a blender a Blendtec.

Whether you’re just taking a spin in the world of blended beverages or you’ve been mixin’ for a while, the EZ 600 is a high quality, low-cost blender option for your business. With their reputation for making reliable, powerful machines, you can be sure buying a Blendtec is a smooth move.

In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:
High powered 3 HP, 13 amp motor packs a punch
Entry-level priced blender with classic Blendtec design
1 year limited warranty with a lifetime motor drive socket warranty
3 Program cycles: small, medium, large with +Pulse
What's in the box?
EZ 600 motor base
BPA-Free, FourSide jar
Vented Gripper lid

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