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Blendtec Q-Series Blender w/ 2 Wildside Jars


Product specifications

Light Beverage Prep
Jar Material
Noise Reduction
With Sound Enclosure

Product description

Blenders have the reputation of being loud, noisy attention grabbers. Put them in the front of the house and watch heads snap to look at the counter every time you turn it on as they seek out the disturber of their peace, quiet, and friendly conversation. To maintain serenity in your cafe, smoothie shop, or coffee shop, you’ll need a blender that’s quiet, powerful, and versatile. That’s where Blendtec’s Q-Series (quietly) comes in to break the loud blender stereotype. Equipped with a sound enclosure, the Q-Series keeps the commotion at bay so your guests can enjoy themselves without interference. No longer will the whir of repetitive blending disrupt business as usual. With a premium build design, the Q looks great and cranks out delicious beverages without creating a distraction. Aesthetics aren’t all that matter, however. The sad truth is that blended beverages aren’t very enjoyable if they’re chunky--not to mention difficult to drink through a straw. Even though the Q-Series is quiet, it’s got the brawn to make your drink creations silky smooth every time. Fruits, vegetables, and ice don’t stand a chance against the Q’s 3.8 hp motor and Blendtec’s unique blade design. When it comes to blending power, the Q-Series is worth its weight in smoothie gold. A blender with just a simple power switch isn't worth much when you offer 40 different blended drinks and smoothies. Fortunately, the Q-Series has that--and a lot more. It goes beyond conventional blender controls to allow personal customization of your blending experience. Choose from 30 preset blend cycles and assign them to any of the 5 one-touch buttons. Or, activate one of 3 pre-programmed profiles with cycles specialized for smoothies, coffee, or multi-purpose blending. Blendtec knows that your business’s demands change, and they designed the Q to adapt with them. Buying a blender for your business isn’t just about the blended product; it’s also about the experience. And with Blendtec’s Q-Series, the experience is comfortable and serene. Your customers can enjoy their drinks and conversations over the gentle hum of the Q doing its job. No head turning, just peace and quiet. In a hurry? Check out these key benefits: The Q-Series's sound enclosure reduces blender noise A 3.8 hp motor blends ingredients to silky smoothness Customizable one-touch buttons with 30 available cycles 3 year comprehensive warranty from Blendtec This Q-Series 100341 package comes with (2) Wildside jars Similar blender to Blendtec 900001; jar configuration is different

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