erican Range ARCR-2 - Chinese Range 2 Burners

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Commercial range
Range Base: Storage base (no oven)
Burner: Open burner
American Range Heavy Duty Restaurant Equipment was designed for continuous rugged use and performance. All the latest technology is incorporated to give you the best value for your money. American Range: Setting higher standards in the commercial cooking equipment industry.

Two "U" type burners surround the full depth and rear.
Stainless steel rugged exterior body with high backsplash.
Total BTU: 220,000 BTU (with standard burner — see burner options).
One year parts and labor warranty.
Standard Features:

Available in 13", 16", 18", 20", and 22" diameter holes.
Built-in drain system and water-cooled top help control stove's temperature.
Two manually controlled Chinese swing faucets located between holes to avoid intense heat.
Stainless steel legs with adjustable feet.
Equipped with safety pilot, and removable covers over burners, to prevent clogging.
Full size removable stainless steel grease pan.
Easily accessible stainless steel drain basket located in front or at the rear of the stove.
Conveniently placed "L" shaped knee valve adjusts gas and provides hands-free cooking.
Steam pans, removable steam tanks, and soup pot holders may be used to customize the range.
Griddles, Fryers and Open Burners may be built into this Chinese gas range (call to custom order).
Image may not represent actual product (models vary in appearance, number of burners, and other accessories) and may include optional accessories.
Optional Burners: (choose to suit your needs at no additional cost)

Standard 3-Ring burner, 2 adjustable valves, 110,000 BTU.
Optional 23-Tip Jet burner, 1 adjustable valve, 125,000 BTU.
Optional 32-Tip Jet burner, 1 adjustable valve, 160,000 BTU.
Optional 18-Tip Anti-Clogging Jet burner, 1 adjustable valve, 125,000 BTU.

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