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Frymaster MJCF-SD Master Jet Series Gas Fryer - 80 lb Oil Capacity

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80 lbs
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Seize the day, seize the deal! $150 Off All Frymaster Fryers. Your deliciously golden-fried chicken and fish have driven business up and brought a lot of new customers. Now, to keep up with the higher demand, you need a fryer with more control that’s easier to clean and saves you money. For a versatile and powerful fryer that fits the bill, check out the MJCF-SD by Frymaster. The MJCF-SD is a workhorse designed for user-friendliness and frying precision. Its open pot and large frying area make the fryer perfect for chicken, fish, and other heavily-breaded items. Frymaster knows you don't like waiting, so they engineered the Master Jet burner to be highly heat efficient. With a centerline temperature probe, the MJCF-SD quickly recovers from temperature changes, no matter which side you use for your delicious fried foods. With multiple controller options, the MJCF-SD gives you the flexibility to cook the way you want to cook. Whether you need automatic basket lifts, countdown timers, or just greater temperature accuracy, the Master Jet fryer has the options you’re looking for. Let's face it: fry oil is expensive. Experts agree that regular filtration significantly extends the life of your oil, but many owner-operators neglect this money-saving maintenance. By filtering twice per day, you could save up to half of your oil cost. Using a traditional portable filter can take 15-20 minutes and cause burn injuries, but a built-in filtration option makes the process much easier and safer. The Master Jet’s optional built-in filtration system enables your staff to safely filter the fry oil in five minutes or less, making filtration convenient and saving you labor cost. Frymaster’s fryers have been repeatedly awarded best in class recognition by foodservice professionals. With a strong reputation like theirs, you can't go wrong with a Frymaster in your kitchen. Buy the MJCF-SD from Prima Supply to get the best price and free shipping! In a hurry? Check out these key benefits: Large frying area for chicken, fish, and other heavily breaded items The Master Jet burner heats the frypot evenly and recovers quickly Multiple options and add-ons allow you to customize your fryer Frymaster is a trusted manufacturer of fryers

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