Garland Sunfire SCO-ES-10S - Single Deck Electric Convection Oven

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Commercial oven
Power Type: Electric
Oven Type: Single Deck
The SCO-ES convection oven uses a fan to circulate hot air in the oven and sweep away pockets of cold air around the food. That makes for delicious dishes that are cooked more evenly—and faster. Convection air significantly reduces cook times, making it easier to efficiently put out items that usually take longer. With the simple addition of a fan, a convection oven like the SCO-ES provides a more efficient cooking environment than a traditional oven.

Designed as an entry-level oven, Garland Sunfire SCO-ES-10S pairs Garland’s famous oven design with budget-friendly affordability. Featuring a stainless steel construction, 60/40 dependent doors, and a 10.4 kW oven cavity, it has the brawn to fight your kitchen’s toughest battles day-in and day-out. Yet, its lower price tag makes it an attractive oven for a wide variety of applications.

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