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Hoshizaki KML-451/B-500 - 349 lbs/day Ice Maker and 360lb Ice Bin Combo


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Our KM evaporator design freezes the purest water, washing most of the minerals and impurities down the drain; resulting in crystal clear crescent cubes. The KM Cuber stainless steel evaporator contruction means years of trouble-free icemaking. It is not affected by caustic water conditions or cleaning chemicals. The Stainless Steel Hoshizaki KM evaproator has no plating to peel or flake off and no plastic to crack. The Hoshizaki icemaking system is the simplest in the industry. It has fewer moving parts and fewer cycles which means dependability, longer machine life, and energy savings to you. All KM Cubers feature the CycleSaver design and the EverCheck control board. The CycleSaver design allows Hoshizaki cubers to produce the same quantity of ice in about half the cycles of other ice machines. The EverCheck control board sounds an audible waring when the machine is in need of service. Lower height for restricted areas - only 22" high. Durable stainless steel exterior CycleSaver design EverCheck alert system 349 lbs. of ice production per 24 hours Individual crescent cube Stainless steel evaporator Removable air filters Advantages: Increase Profit Crescent cubes have excellent displacement because of their unique shape. Better displacement produces higher profits. No Splashing The unique shape of Hoshizaki Crescent Cube ice allows liquid to flow over it more easily, whether pouring from bottles or dispensers. So there\'s no messy splashing and less waste. Storage Bin: Stores up to 360 lbs. of clean crisp ice Long lasting attractive appearance Polyethylene bin liner for sanitary storage Sturdy construction for side by side or stacked icemaker installation Foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation, in all bin walls and bottom, provides dependable ice storage B-500PF bins feature vinyl clad galvanized steel cabinet exterior design for easy cleaning Optional B-500SF Series bins feature stainless steel exterior design for easy cleaning (with optional stainless steel flange legs) Outstanding Warranty!* 2 YEAR - Parts & Labor on Ice Bin 3 YEAR - Parts & Labor on entire machine 5 YEAR - Parts & Labor on : Evaporator 5 YEAR - Parts on: Compressor, Air-Cooled Condenser Coil

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