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Ice-O-Matic IOMQ Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

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It's the little things in life which often count the most. Crystal-clear, icy refreshment proceeds from properly filtered water. Without good filtering, hard water causes your ice machine to lose efficiency, introduces corrosion of expensive parts, and brings a mix of bad odors, discoloration, and unwanted flavoring from sediment buildup. In order to dispel these undesirables, Ice-O-Matic produced the IFQ Series Filter Systems. Convenient and easy 6 month filter replacement produces clean water, giving you great ice. Great ice hinges on the quality of the water. Ice-O-Matic’s IOMQ Replacement Cartridge creates clean water which produces the best possible ice. The IOMQ’s patented IsoNet Scale Inhibitor keeps scale (a buildup of minerals) at bay. Increased scale tends to slow ice production and inhibits internal efficiency, resulting in greater yearly expense. Chlorine has a presence in water, causing corrosion. Activated Carbon inside the Replacement Cartridge removes chlorine which would otherwise result in costly repairs. Undesirable flavor, foul odor, and foggy ice are all prevented through the IOMQ’s Sediment Removal by filtering tiny minerals, dirt, and other particles smaller than 1 micron (that’s small). Quality water is the natural outcome of this intensive filtering. Right filtering results in top efficiency, keeping money in your bank by reducing maintenance and repair costs. Proper filtering protects your investment in an Ice-O-Matic for years and years, providing you peace of mind. Exceptional ice flavor and clarity enhances customer experience, ensuring excellence in just one more vital aspect of your business. Routine replacement does not solely provide continually pure, pristine ice for your customers and keep your ice maker running smoothly; regular filter replacement also preserves your 7 year Evaporator Warranty. Upon purchase and registration of an Ice-O-Matic ice maker and water filter, you qualify for their generous 7 year parts and labor Evaporator Warranty, as long as you replace your filter cartridge every six months. Ice-O-Matic even sends reminders that it’s time to change your cartridge. A 7 year warranty means less hassle, and less hassle saves you valuable time and minimizes expense in the long run. As if Ice-O-Matic didn’t already make it easy enough for you to serve crisp, refreshing ice all day long for years to come, their filters also maximize space and require minimal upkeep. Easily and speedily mount all IFQ series filter systems to your kitchen wall to minimize space usage. Then, quickly change your filter every 6 months with the IOMQ’s quarter turn Quick-Twist cartridge. Beautiful ice doesn’t get any easier than this, folks! Quality, crystal-clear, crisp ice stems from clean water. Ice-O-Matic’s IOMQ Replacement Cartridges deliver the results you need: proper filtering for an efficient, reliable ice maker, refreshing ice for repeat customer satisfaction, and a peerless warranty from a trustworthy brand. Choose to improve your business one step at a time by remembering the little things which make a big difference.

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