Lincoln - CTI1301/1353 and 1302 - CTI Analog Countertop Impinger Electric 31" Conveyor Oven

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Commercial oven
Power Type: Electric
Oven Type: Conveyor
You have few workers with minimal skills, and you need to expand your customer base. You could mitigate all this by hiring extra personnel or paying out for more skilled employees. Or, instead of those options; opt in for a conveyor oven. Easy to use controls save you money, quick cooking saves you time, and superior consistency delivers the taste your customers demand.

Operating this Lincoln CTI1301/1353 (or 1302) 31" electric conveyor oven is a cinch. For example, using the analog controls set the oven temp at 500 degrees or so for around 4-6 minutes, then toss your pizza on the belt and you're done. Within minutes customers will enjoy your crisp, hot, tasty pizza pie (or a host of other food products). Since minimal handling requires minimal skill, even the least experienced employee can cook pizza the way you want it, every time. Compared to other oven types where constant tending is required, a conveyor oven difficulty level is set at super easy, saving you money in labor and training.

Speaking of savings, the CTI Impinger increases cook speed and consistency, saving time and decreasing waste. Air "impingement" occurs as pressurized, hot air (ranging in temperature from 200 degrees to 550 degrees Fahrenheit) blasts cold air away from underneath and above food, forming a barrier of heat, resulting in a rapidly cooked product with no ventilation required. Even if your staff lacks cooking skills and struggles to maintain consistency, the 1301 conveyor oven ensures consistent results two to four times as fast as standard impingement ovens (depending on the dish).

But what good will saving the above resources do if food lacks the flavor you strive to deliver? With the conveyor oven, visible savings meet mouth watering meals. Quick bake times (ranging from 1 minute to 24 minutes) remove the possibility of drying out food. When the high speed heat hits your food product, a thin barrier forms around the food, locking in moisture. This barrier results in a crisp, tasty texture on the outside with a moisture retaining, flavorful composition on the inside. Don't merely serve patrons quickly, earn respect with the unmatched consistency of a Lincoln conveyor oven.

With Lincoln's Impinger conveyor oven, you can have your cake and eat it, too. Or in other words, save money, save time, gain loyalty, all from a minimal crew with minimal experience. Seal the deal; buy this money maker today!

In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:
Minimal product handling requires minimal training
Consistent bakes at least twice as fast as standard conveyor ovens
Removable panels equal quick cleanup.
Heat barrier locks in flavors and crisps outside of product
Cooks wide variety of foods: bacon, burritos, burgers, bratwurst, bbq, chicken, corn dogs, cookies, egg rolls, fish, veggies, meatballs, pizza, fries, quiche, steak, sausage, toasted cheese, etc.
1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

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