Lincoln V2502-1353 - Ventless Digital Countertop Impinger Electric 31" Conveyor Oven - 240V

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Commercial oven
Power Type: Electric
Oven Type: Conveyor
In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:
Ventless system allows installation flexibility (must comply with safety codes)
Push button control panel includes digital temp display, speed, timer, and 4 pre-set options
Consistent bakes at least twice as fast as standard conveyor ovens
Heat barrier locks in flavors and crisps outside of product
Cooks wide variety of foods: bacon, burritos, burgers, bratwurst, bbq, chicken, corn dogs, cookies, egg rolls, fish, veggies, meatballs, pizza, fries, quiche, steak, sausage, toasted cheese, etc.
1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
Efficient and Consistent
High on your list of priorities as a restaurant owner or chef is customer satisfaction. Your patrons expect delicious baked pizza (or meatballs or veggies) and you want to deliver every single time.

The Lincoln V2502/1353 Digital Countertop Impinger Electric 31" Conveyor Oven allows you to create consistently delicious dishes that your customers will love. For example, making pizza in the V2502/1353 is a breeze. Just set the temperature to 500 degrees and place the pizza on the conveyor. The Air Impingement Technology shoots jets of hot air onto the food as it passes through the oven compartment, which results in shorter cooking times and crispier textures. After 5-6 minutes, your customers will have amazing pizza ready for them to devour.

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