Manitowoc IY-1805W - 1,790 lbs/day Half-Dice Cube Machine Water Cooled

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Ice machine
Cooling Method: Water-cooled
Ice Type: Half-dice
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Manitowoc's Indigo Series of ice machines feature highly advanced components. The Indigo Series has an intelligent diagnostics system which is programmed to optimize energy output and give precise information about water consumption as well as ice production levels. Also, the intelligent diagnostics system gives ample warnings if there are any issues and provides quick access to technicians with data to aid in maintenance. Plus, the Indigo Series lets restaurant owners customize the quanitity of ice produced so as to fit the needs of your restaurant. With features like these, the Indigo Series of ice machines excel in any commercial kitchen environment and operation.

Intelligent diagnostic system monitors and collects information about energy and water consumption as well as ice production levels.
Diagnostic system also sends alerts whenever issues arise and provides service technicians with important data to quicken the maintenance process.
Programmable ice production allows owners to control the amount of ice produced to fit the needs of the restaurant.
Digital display shows operating status and provides cleaning reminders.

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