Manitowoc K00338 Replacement Cartridge AR-10000 Water Filter

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Cartridge filter
This cartridge replaces filters for Ice Machines that make less than 650 lbs. of ice per day.
Model # K-00338
Over 60% of ice machine maintenance calls are water-related! Arctic Pure water filters are designed specifically for Manitowoc Ice Machines and will reduce these calls.
If you own an ice machine, then you know that water filter cartridges only last so long. With a majority of ice machine maintenance calls being water-related, it is vital that you have a working knowledge of how often your filter must be replaced so as to reduce maintenance calls. Manitowoc's K-00338 Replacement Cartridge for the ArcticPure AR-10000 Water Filtration System. Because the filter itself has a built-in, valve-in head design, this cartridge is easily changed on the fly, so there is no need to turn the water off to the machine.

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