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Manitowoc NEO UY-0140W - 130lbs. Half Dice Cube Water-Cooled Undercounter


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Think about it - you have a phone in your pocket which organizes your life and automates tasks - can the same be said of your restaurant equipment? Advanced tech precision, common-sense practicality, and powerful performance make the NEO from Manitowoc work more so you can work better. The NEO UY-0140W undercounter ice machine from Manitowoc cushions your budget through intuitive controls. Display icons located on the front bin keep you and your team on top of ice production. No other ice maker gives the end user this much control. Power, self-cleaning, delay, full bin, and proactive maintenance icons increase efficiency with the push of a button. For example, the delay feature allows you to defer ice production for 4, 12, or 24 hours. Tell your machine to produce ice when you need it and you'll start saving money during non-peak hours and overnight. The NEO's intuitive controls give you quick, convenient results. Convenience is key for the NEO, as it raises the bar for ease in serviceability. Components that require regular cleaning and maintenance are accessed effortlessly. Thumbscrews keep entry into the NEO a tool-free entry, making cleaning a cinch. A simple three step process reveals all parts and systems of the NEO when maintenance is required. Plus, an AlphaSan infused ice bin makes your need to clean less frequent and all the easier. This overall convenience raises the standard for all ice machine makers past and present by keeping money and time where they belong - in the bank. So get busy by doing less. Invest in convenience, intelligence, and performance today with the UY-0140W undercounter ice machine from Manitowoc! Robust Production - 130 lbs per day; 90 lbs of storage. That's 10 lbs more storage! Intuitive Controls - Delay button allows ice production deferment, saving money literally over night & during non-peak hours. Enhanced Cleanability - Routine cleaning happens in a snap - no tools required to reach all internal components necessary for regular cleaning & general maintenance. Premium Commercial Warranty - 5-year parts & 5-year labor coverage on ice machine evaporator; 5-year parts & 3-year labor coverage on ice machine compressor; 3-year parts-and-labor coverage on ice machines & all other components. *Residential Warranty - 1 year.

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