Merrychef eikon e4 Rapid Cooking Oven with Impingement Technology

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Commercial oven
When it comes to convenience foods, “fast and easy” is the name of the game. People love grabbing a quick sandwich at your shop in the middle of their busy day. However, their experience can turn sour if orders get backed up and it takes too long to get their food. Merrychef knows this and has made quick food service even faster with their eikon e4 accelerated cooking oven.

With the eikon e4, your customers don’t have to wait long to get their food. Utilizing 3 different heating methods--convection heat, impingement air, and microwave--the eikon e4 heats food up to 15 times faster than traditional ovens. Just put the prepared dish in the e4, select the appropriate icon from the easyToUCH screen, and wait a couple short minutes for piping hot food. The eikon e4 simplifies your workflow and reduces wait times for both you and your customers.

Not only does the e4 cook faster, it does so without degrading food quality like traditional microwaves. No one wants to eat dried out, chewy food. The e4 saves you money by protecting food integrity and preventing shrinkage. With easy recipe programming and selection, any of your staff members can turn out perfectly cooked subs, mac ‘n cheese, or omelettes for every customer, every time.

Like we said, people want their food tasting good and served quickly. Experience the time and money-saving benefits of accelerated cooking with the eikon e4 from Merrychef. Producing speedy and delicious results, this stylish and flexible oven is a win for you, your staff, and your customers. Order one from Prima Supply to get the lowest price and free shipping!

In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:
Ventless cooking
Programmable with picture icons for menu items
Cooks up to 15x faster than traditional oven
“Best in Class” manufacturer

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