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Scotsman CU50GA-1 - 50 lbs/day Undercounter Gourmet Ice Machine w/Storage - Air-Cooled


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Now a part of the Try Before You Buy Program. Go to the program page to learn more details. Shopping for a quality ice machine in a convenient undercounter design? Scotsman’s slow-melting, crystal clear, mineral free, and odorless ice cube will ensure your customers have a refreshing drink in hand. Consider the Scotsman CU50 for energy efficiency and a simple design. Scotsman is a leading name in the ice machine industry. In 2011, Scotsman won the Energy Star Award for Excellence in energy-efficient product design. Scotsman has been working to make your kitchen more energy efficient for over 60 years - saving you money in the long run. The CU50 is a reliable undercounter. Scotsman’s Water-quality sensor will detect when the water filtering over the evaporator is too particulate laden and replaces it with new purer water. This process will increase time between cleanings by reducing scale buildup. When it is time for cleaning, the easy-to-use control panel will alert you to sanitize and descale. This Energy Star undercounter is a user friendly ice machine that works to simplify your job. Dependable and energy efficient - buy the Scotsman CU50 and serve pure gourmet ice to your customers! In a hurry? Check out these key benefits: Energy Star Water-quality sensor User-friendly control panel Gourmet ice

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