Southbend - 4601DD-2RR - 60” 6 Burners + 24” Raised Griddle + 2 Standard Ovens

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Commercial range
Burner: Mixed top
Griddle: Yes
Range Base: Standard oven
2 standard ovens
6x 33,000 BTU Non-Clogging Burners with lifetime warranty
24" raised griddle/broiler with 1/2" polished steel plate
Factory installed universal gas pressure regulator
Constructed of stainless steel
Individual cast iron grates
Single-piece drip tray under burners
6" black, adjustable legs; stainless steel legs or casters available
(Picture shows optional casters)
See spec. sheet for utility information
1 year parts/labor 24/7 Warranty
Standard Oven Features:
45,000 BTU single rack standard oven
Inside dimensions: 26" wide x 26 1/2" deep x 14" high
Equipped with a flame safety device
Thermostat range from 250-500F (121-260C) with low setting
Round "Cool Touch" heat resistant door handle
Fully front serviceable with lift-out oven bottom

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