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True GDM-10-LD 10 Cu. Ft. 'End of Aisle' Glass Door Merchandiser - LED

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Free Shipping, Free Non-Commercial Delivery, and Price Match Guarantee. That is over $150.00 in savings plus a low price promise. Your endcaps are valuable merchandising spaces. They’re great spots to put grab-and-go items like bottled drinks to attract customers and drive up your profits. If you’re looking for a stylish and reliable glass door merchandiser for your drinks, check out True's 10 cubic foot GDM-10-LD. True is well-recognized as a leader in the refrigeration industry. And with the GDM-10-LD, you'll get the type of cooler you would expect from an industry leader. Equipped with True's standard oversized refrigeration system, this cooler efficiently lowers and maintains the temperature of the unit while reducing energy usage. A conveniently-placed bottom-mounted condensing unit makes it easier to clean and perform routine maintenance. All of this comes in a durable laminated exterior designed to provide years of service. The GDM-10-LD with LED lighting will be a welcome addition to stores by providing a durable and efficient merchandiser made by a well-known manufacturer. Don’t waste your endcap space! The GDM-10-LD is a high quality glass door merchandiser that will look great in your store. Buy one today from Prima Supply and start drinking in the profits from increased beverage sales. Oversized refrigeration system creates a uniform temperature. Evaporator and larger fan blades provide quicker temperature recovery time during the busiest hours of the day. Condensing unit is bottom-mounted to allow easy maintenance and to raise product to a higher visible level. Temperature Range: 33° to 38° F.

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