True STG2R-2S Spec Series 2 Door Commercial Refrigerator

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Commercial refrigerator
Compressor: Top
Total Number of Compartments: 2
Swinging or Sliding: Swinging
Door Style: Solid (Full Length)
Add some shine to your kitchen. If you are looking for an improved design, in addition to True’s steadfast quality, consider the True specification series. This series is energy efficient and engineered for high performance. The True STG2R-2S is a quality refrigerator with a sleek design.

True’s spec line is built with quality construction. Strengthening additions such as heavy duty solid metal door handles, deadbolt style door locks, and four cam-lift hinges reinforce the STG2R-2S. This top-mounted condensing unit is helpful when the scheduled cleaning comes around - all you need to do is lift up the hinged rainshield and clean. No tools needed! Convenience and quality wrapped in a beautiful design.

The STG2R-2S is engineered for efficiency. It utilizes state of the art ECM motors to reduce energy usage and create a more consistent volume of air. This Energy Star reach-in refrigerator will work to save you up to $700 on your energy bill over it’s lifetime. Save money and energy by choosing the STG2R-2S.

As a first rate choice in commercial refrigeration, the STG2R-2S is made from the highest quality materials. Doors, front, floor, and ceiling are stainless steel for a sharp design matched with durability. The STG2R-2S’s foundation is oversized refrigeration utilizing an extra large evaporator coil, larger condenser, and higher horsepower compressor for high performance. This cabinet is built with “Made in the USA” quality and True’s Ecomate foamed-in-place insulation. Easy on the eyes, yet performance is at the forefront.

Buy the STG2R-2S to bring quality and performance into your kitchen! Get a sleek modern design built by a reliable manufacturer.

In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:
Made in USA
Oversized Refrigeration
Top-mounted condensing unit
Sleek stainless design
Four cam-lift door hinges

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