True TDD-3 - Kegerator 3-Keg Direct Draw Beer Dispenser

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True Manufacturing Company has exceeded customer expectations for over 65 years and become an industry leader in commercial refrigeration. The complete True line of products is made in the U.S.A. and provides dependable products with exemplary quality.

The TDD-3 contains an extra large evaporator coil balanced with higher horsepower compressor and large condenser which maintains prime cabinet temperature. This proves it’s power and strength. The solid design optimizes faster temperature drop, consistent holding temperature, and faster recovery through the busiest nights.

Routine cleaning can be a dreaded of task. The True TDD-3 simplifies this process with a condensing unit that can be accessed from behind the front grill and slides out for effortless cleaning. The magnetic door gaskets are removable without tools, making cleaning or replacement a simple process.

The True TDD-3 kegerator is a great option for serving draught beer in your restaurant. By investing in a dependable manufacturer like True, you are investing in your customer's satisfaction and your success - and we can all drink to that!

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