Turbo air - MST-36 - 36" Sandwich/Salad Prep Table

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Food prep table
Table Width: 36 in
Refrigeration: With Cooler
Reliable and Spacious
You need a dependable prep table with plenty of work space and storage. Turbo Air's MST-36 has loads of room to help you stay organized and running at full capacity during your busiest times and is made of durable components built to last.

The first step to staying organized is simply knowing what you have to work with. Ten 4" deep pans provide room for a variety of sandwich or salad ingredients. The 36" by 9.5" work surface and 9.5 cubic foot cabinet give you the prepping space and immediate storage access you need. Even during peak times the MST-36 keeps you fully stocked and assembling with ease.

Your busiest times also demand the most from your prep table's refrigeration. That's why Turbo air's innovative cold air compartment maintains an even temperature for each pan, whether the lid is opened or closed. Additionally, Turbo air's rapid recovery refrigeration system keeps your food fresh, and its specially treated condensate system prevents corrosion, meaning you'll have this prep table for the long haul. Busy or slow, the MST-36's consistent quality is top notch.

Turbo air's sandwich/salad prep table offers a solid work space with great storage and reliable parts to keep you organized and your restaurant running smoothly.

In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:
Cold air compartment distributes air evenly and keeps food pans cold
9.5 cubic foot interior gives you plenty of storage space
Low density polyethylene cutting board for easy cleaning and low impact on cutlery
Magnetic, removable gaskets for quick cleaning or replacement
2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty and a 5 Year Compressor Warranty

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