Turbo Air PRO-50-4F - 50 Cu. Ft. Premiere 4 Door Freezer

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Commercial freezer
Door Material: Solid
Turbo Air's PRO-50-4F features an oversized refrigeration system to create a more efficient cooling process, as well as a digital temperature control system to allow restaurant owners to monitor and adjust the temperature. It also comes housed in a stainless steel construction to provide years of durable service. Above all, Turbo Air's PRO-50-4F boasts a 3 year parts and labor warranty (more than any other Turbo Air refrigerator) to give a peace of mind just in case the unexpected happens.

High-tech monitor displays the current temperature and allows users to easily adjust the thermostat.
Refrigeration system is oversized to reduce the cooling time and deliver greater efficiency.
Evaporator fan delays whenever the door opens to prevent hot air from being absorbed and circulated into the system, thus increasing the energy efficiency and life of the refrigerator.
Temperature Range: -10° to 0° F.

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