Turbo Air Radiance TMW-1200HD Heavy Duty Microwave Oven

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Commercial microwave
Need a microwave that can meet the demands of your foodservice operation? The Turbo Air Radiance TMW-1200HD heavy duty commercial microwave provides many features that meet your needs. For instance, the TMW-1200HD offers 1200 watts of power for fast heating and cooking. The 1200 watts can be utilized through a programmable 3-stage heating process or through one of five selectable power levels.

Other features of this microwave include 14 touch control pads and an easy-to-read display. This unit automatically saves the service information such as usage hours and door opening/closing times. The TMW-1200HD also has a programmable reminder to clean the air filter for added convenience.

The TMW-1200HD also offers flexibility and convenience through its ability to be programmed with up to 200 menu items for simple one-touch cooking and heating. A double quantity button (x2) allows you to quickly increase heating time for multiple servings of food. Furthermore, this microwave also offers a 60 minute cooking timer and defrost function as well as an automatic cool down after usage.

This heavy duty microwave features a sturdy stainless steel exterior and a heat resistant ceramic tray inside. A tempered glass door with easy to grip recessed handle is also a standard feature found on this microwave. The design of the unit allows 2 units to be stacked on top of one another to save counter space.

Turbo Air backs this unit with a 3 year parts and labor warranty.

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