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Turbo Air TBC-50SB - 2 Door Bottle Cooler

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The TBC-50SB can hold up to 18 cases of 12oz. bottles and up to 22.8 cases of 12oz. cans. Plus, the fact that Turbo Air's TBC-50SB features an oversized refrigeration system to promote faster cooling times, you'll never have to question whether a customer will get a cold beverage or not, which means that there is nothing to worry about. The TBC-50SB as well has a stainless steel interior and exterior, providing an easily maintained, durable product. Oversized refrigeration system promotes faster cooling times and greater efficiency. Stainless steel construction creates a long-lasting and clean product. Holds 18 cases of bottles or 22.8 cases of cans. Temperature Range: 33° to 38° F.

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