Turbo Air TBD-3SD - 3 Keg Beer Dispenser

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Keg number: 3
Keg Size: 1/4 barrel (Pony)
A major difficulty to overcome in your store is refrigeration placement. A back bar cooler cannot be up against the wall in a way that blocks technicians from getting in easily, and the coolers must be conveniently located in order to access them quickly when maintenance issues arise. That is why the side mount compressor unit on the TBD-3SD is conveniently positioned to the side, granting easy access to technicians and greater efficiency in tight spaces. Turbo Air's TBD-3SD features a powerful refrigeration system which cools quickly while conserving energy and holds 3 half-barrel kegs.. The TBD-3SD Keg Beer Dispenser has a forced air cooling system, which brings a balanced temperature throughout the entire cabinet. The entire cabinet is insulated with a high density foam to ensure energy efficiency and ice cold beer. The TBD-3SD comes housed in an interior stainless floor with 1/2" lip and heavy galvanized steel walls that will guarantee the utmost in cleanliness and a long product life. Plus, Turbo Air's Beer Dispensers are easy to move around, making for an overall excellent product

Turbo Air features elegant and durable design for years of operation.
3 years labor and parts warranty, and 5 years warranty on compressor.
Simple plug-in installation into any standard outlet.
Holds 3 half-barrel kegs.
Stainless steel exterior and countertop for those who appreciate the value of stainless.
Interior stainless floor with 1/2" lip & heavy galvanized steel walls.

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