Turbo Air TCB-2SB - 2 Keg Club Top Beer Dispenser

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Turbo Air's TCB-2SB club top beer dispenser is designed with practicality in mind. The club top model has an interior compartment used to chill beer glasses. When an order comes up, your bartender can simply reach over, grab a cold glass, and pour beer into it right from the tap. Not only will your glass be cold, but the beer coming out of the tap will be a cool 33° to 38° F thanks to the forced air cooling system. This system pushes cold air throughout the entire cabinet to ensure your beer and your glasses are comfortably chilled for your customers to enjoy.

In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:
Efficient Refrigeration System
Forced Air Cooling
Club Top Interior Area
Houses 2 Half Barrel Kegs
Temperature Range: 33° to 38° F

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