Turbo Air TGM-35R - 35 Cu. Ft. Sliding Glass Door Merchandiser

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Any refrigerator can keep products cool, but you’re looking for a refrigerator that will keep your merchandise cool and display it to your customers. The TGM-35R is a glass door merchandiser that allows for product display, and it is designed to keep your chilled goods cool in the most energy efficient way possible. Turbo Air’s specially designed fans increase energy efficiency by 15%, which increases compressor lifetime by up to 30%. The TGM-35R double-pane glass door also features the perfect complement to the efficient cooling system: a patented transparent thermal insulating film between the double panes. These two features are just a few of the many ways Turbo Air has designed the TGM-35R to efficiently cool and display all your food and beverage products.

In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:
2 Years Parts and Labor Warranty with an Additional 3 Year Warranty on the Compressor
Energy Conserving Fan Control
Double Pane Glass Door with Patented Heat Reflecting Film
Doors that open easily and close on their own

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