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Turbo Air TMW-1100ER - 1000W Microwave w/ Programmable Control

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You need a reliable, easy to use microwave and you don't want to dip into savings to afford one. If that's the case, you might be interested in the 1000 watt Radiance TMW-1100ER medium duty microwave from Turbo Air. The TMW-1100ER will suit your needs well if you ever want a quick reheat, a slow defrost, or a specific power setting coupled with pre-programmable recipes for precise cooking control. Perhaps the best feature on this microwave is its one touch functionality, giving you between 30 seconds to 5 minutes at the touch of a button. And in case you need more specific settings, you can program this microwave up to 20 different ways. Conveniently, these settings allow for simple one touch cooking as well. In addition to quick, easy to use features, you also have the power to alter cooking options for more precise control. For instance, there's the time and weight defrost function so you don't over cook anything, a multi-power setting for cooking versatility, and a double quantity option when you need to cook two of the same products simultaneously. Lastly, the Radiance microwave from Turbo Air includes features you've come to expect, such as a safety lock on a stainless steel cabinet, up to 60 minutes of cooking time in an easy to clean interior, and a power save mode which conserves energy and keeps profits in your pocket. Make demands of your equipment by having full control over it's capabilities. You'll have the power to increase your consistency, save time, and get a solid return on your investment after a short while.

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