Vita-Mix 40010 - Blending Station ADVANCE In-Counter

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The Vita-Mix Blending Station® Advance, offers six different programs allowing you to blend any kind of drink consistently at the touch of a button. With Extra Horsepower, the XP container and it's enhanced blade design, you can handle thicker ingredients easily and reduce processing time by one-third.

In-Counter mounting design.
Up to three times faster and five times more powerful than other "commercial" blenders.
New XP design blade has enough torque to crush almost 32 oz. of cubed ice in three seconds.
New XP Pitcher features a wider base creating a powerful vortex that continually circulates ingredients and significantly reduces cavitation.
Built in, removable sound reduction cover reduces the noise levels lower than the level of normal conversation.
Pitcher Size: 48oz.
With a 3+ peak horsepower motor, the Blending Station Advance runs cooler and resists overheating. This extra power combines with the Xtreme Performance Container and enhanced blade design to handle thicker ingredients with ease and speed.
Features an improved blade design with hardened stainless steel blade to increase blending speed.
Six different mixing programs allow you to blend any kind of drink consistently.
Buttons are programmed for accurate speed and timing for perfectly blended, homogenized drinks without chunks of ice.
Warranty: 3 Year warranty against defects in parts and workmanship which includes 1 year service contract.

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