Vita-Mix 748 - Two Speed Drink Machine Commercial Blender

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The Vita-Prep Drink Machine 2-speed blender is the most cost-effective blender you can buy. With ordinary blenders, ice gets stuck under the blade or the the torque needed is so intense that the motors burn out monthly. The Vita-Mix two speed timer is engineered to solve this. An electronically controlled high-torque motor starts the blend on Low speed then seamlessly shifts into High speed for that perfectly smooth finish you need. For more info and a detailed comparison on each of the 5 most common Vitamix blenders that Prima carries, check out this blog post: Vitamix Blender Comparison Guide.

Up to three times faster and five times more powerful than other "commercial" blenders.
The Drink Machine's blade has enough torque to crush a half gallon/2.0 L of cubed ice in three seconds!
Pitcher Size: 64oz
Simple to operate. The 2-Speeds give the operator the option to use High or Low speed alone and change from one to the other manually.
All stainless steel enclosed blade assembly with sealed ball bearings.
Flexible 2 piece thermoplastic lid has a removable plug that lets you add ingredients while blending.
Patented polycarbonate container is virtually unbreakable and specially designed to pull ingredients into the blades for maximum blending efficiency.
The Drink Machine provides consistency, producing delicious, smooth granitas, margaritas, smoothies, milk shakes, malts, whole fruit and vegetable drinks, frozen (not iced) coffees and teas...every time.
Your choice of larger 64oz container or smaller, stackable 48oz container.
To see a quick comparison between the 5 most popular Vitamix blenders that Prima carries, check out the comparison chart below.

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