Vitamix 5085 - BarBoss Advance Blender 32oz

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The Vitamix 5085 BarBoss Advance is a more powerful version of the BarBoss, essential in any bar for making perfectly blended frozen drinks. These Professional Bartender's Blenders offer an automatic shut-off, an easy-to-use pulse control, and an electronic acceleration control. Pour more drinks in less time. For more info and a detailed comparison on each of the 5 most common Vitamix blenders that Prima carries, check out this blog post: Vitamix Blender Comparison Guide.

Up to three times faster and five times more powerful than other "commercial" blenders.
New Advance design blade has enough torque to crush almost 32 oz. of cubed ice in three seconds.
New Advance Pitcher features a wider base creating a powerful vortex that continually circulates ingredients and significantly reduces cavitation.
Pitcher Size: 32oz.

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