Vitamix 5132 - Portion Blending System Advance 2.0

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When you’re making a lot of blended drinks, every detail matters; portion size, blend consistency, speed, and efficiency all affect your bottom line. That’s where an intelligent blender like the Portion Blending System Advance 2.0 from Vitamix can help save you money.

With the Portion Blending System Advance, there’s no guesswork in your drink creation. The machine automatically weighs out and shaves the appropriate amount of ice based on the blend program selected. Want to blend a 12 ounce drink? Just add your liquid, select program #1 on the machine, and it portions out and shaves the ice. Need to do four 12 ounce drinks? Not a problem. Add your mixes, select program #4, and watch the magic happen. With up to 34 program settings to choose from, you can make your Portion Blending System Advance 2.0 a truly customized blending station.

While it certainly has brains, the Portion Blending System Advance also has the brawn to take on your high volume blending. Vitamix’s renown blending power is packed into a capable 2 horsepower motor that’s engineered to handle extra-thick blending. Ice, fruits, and other ingredients are no match for the Advance container and blade, both designed for optimal blending. The Portion Blending System Advance 2.0 can chew through your toughest blending jobs.

You’ve got a lot riding on your blended drinks, so don’t settle for any old blender. Vitamix’s Portion Blending System Advance 2.0 boasts the power and precision to help you make drinks speedily and efficiently without wasting your products or your profits.

In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:
Industrial strength blending system for smoothie shops, cafes, coffee shops
Weighs out and shaves appropriate amount of ice for selected drink
Double insulated bin holds up to 5 gallons of ice at a time
Blends up to four 12 oz drinks in one prep time
6 pre-programmed cycles give operators consistency in beverage production

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