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Vollrath - 40708 - Cayenne 20lb. Dual Tank Counter Top Fryer

Product description

Vollrath's deep fat fryers are designed to create a delicious variety of crisp fried food with minimal fuss. Delight your customers with french fries, chicken, seafood, and more. Ideal for small pubs, colleges, and product-specific applications. Dual Tanks: two separate tanks with two baskets each. Thermostatically controlled to 375°F. Reaches frying temperatures fast and recovers quickly between loads. Automatic Cut-off at 390 degrees F to prevent oil fire. Double pan separation of food types or use one pan when slow and both when busy. Hinged element boxes with 2 stage locking mechanism. Pilot light indicates when elements are energized. Lift-out, one piece stainless steel tanks with carrying handles for easy cleaning. Micro switch disconnects power when element box is removed. All Vollrath equipment comes with a One Year Warranty on components and defective workmanship. Dual unit comes with two 220V plugs.

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