Vulcan 1TR45A Free Standing Gas Fryer - 45-50 lb. Oil Capacity

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Commercial fryer
Your fried fare made you famous - well, at least with the locals. With demand rising, you are looking for a more efficient fryer. While shopping for efficiency, look toward the Vulcan TR Series. This series is engineered to save you money while speeding up production. Buying a high efficiency fryer may mean an initial investment, but the savings will be worth it in the long run. Invest in success with the 1TR45A - a gas fryer innovated for efficiency and ready to serve your customers their golden fried favorites.

The 1TR45A’s core innovation is Vulcan’s ThreePass heat transfer system. Compared to the typical way of heating air that passes through once and eventually gets lost out the flue, the 1TR45A has turns in the tubing. Vulcan upped the number of passes to three to increase the heat time, cook time, and recovery time. This system will result in a more consistent product and yields 60.9% cooking efficiency. Idling on a surprisingly low BTU/hr. rate of 4,318, your gas bill will shrink. The 1TR45A works to save you money.

In addition to extending fuel, Vulcan’s TR series is engineered to prolong oil life with its SoftStart ignition system. Since high heat breaks down oil, they utilize gentler heating to preserve your oil. This innovation does not compromise speed because the heat is distributed more widely through greater surface area. With oil being the highest cost of owning a fryer, prolonging oil life can save you thousands of dollars.

Don’t let terms like “gentle” and “efficient” confuse you. This fryer is not lacking in power. In fact, most customers see their production rise, even while their operation costs drop. If you can afford to pay a little more upfront, the efficiency of the 1TR45A will pay for itself in savings.

In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:
SoftStart ignition system to extend oil life
Trusted brand voted Best in Class for free standing floor fryers
Energy efficient with Vulcan’s ThreePass heat transfer system
High performance for an increase in production

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