Vulcan 1VK45D PowerFry Commercial Gas Fryer - 45-50 lb. Oil Capacity

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Commercial fryer
Fried fare keeps customers coming back for more. They rave about your famous french fries, crispy onion rings, and seasoned mozzarella sticks. Heavy demand is demanding you get a more productive fryer. If you are shopping for a 45-50 lb. fryer, you should consider the 1VK45D for its efficiency and production.

Vulcan’s SoftStart ignition system is designed to save you money by extending the life of your oil. By coupling gentler heat with enhanced heat dispersion, the VK Powerfry will reduce oil breakdown without slowing you down. Since oil is your biggest cost in owning a fryer, the 1VK45D can mean thousands of dollars back in your pocket.

Improved heat distribution is part of the genius of Vulcan’s 1VK45D. It uses a revolutionary FivePass heat exchange system to speed up oil heat times by 25%. This translates into production with some customers reporting a 50% increase with the Powerfry series. With most fryers, the heat passes once through the oil and is lost out the flue. By adding turns in the tubing, Vulcan multiplied the number of passes to five. Because the energy is used more efficiently, the 1VK45D both performs better and uses less gas. With an energy-sipping heat input of 70,000 BTU/hr. and an impressively low idle of 4,251 BTU/hr., this Energy Star fryer will save you money while knocking out tickets faster.

Digital controls make this fryer even easier to use, with features like compensating and actual time options, three melt modes, and an auto boil out mode for easy cleaning. A smarter fryer will help you serve up more consistent results.

Money savings, increase production, and precision control - who can say no to that? Invest in success with a Vulcan 1VK45D.

In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:
Energy Efficient - The FivePass heat transfer system decreases gas usage
Saves Oil - SoftStart ignition system gently heats the oil without slowing you
Performance-Driven - A 50% production increase has been reported by customers
Precision Control - Features like compensating timers and multiple melt modes make a smarter fryer
Award-Winning Brand - Vulcan was rated Best in Class for free standing floor fryers and other hotside categories

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