Vulcan 36RB - Elevated Salamander Broiler

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The finishing touches you put on your dishes helps set you apart from the pack. A last minute browning of your potato au gratin, perfectly melted cheese on your burgers, or the carmelized sugar on your creme brulee - these touches are part of why your customers keep coming back. A quality salamander broiler helps you deliver that unique finish.

In tight spaces, your salamander may also stand in for other cooking needs. Since the Vulcan's 36RB is designed to mount above Vulcan's restaurant ranges, you get broiling power without sacrificing valuable space.

And speaking of power, this broiler can bring the heat! With six 8,300 BTU burners, this salamander has one of the highest heat inputs of its class. While the infinite adjustment control enables you to moderate the input, the raw strength of the 36RB ensures an immediate response when you need it. Less downtime means greater savings for you and quicker service for your customers.

Vulcan has become synonymous with quality among foodservice professionals. Don't shortchange yourself, your staff, or your customers with lesser alternatives. Trust Vulcan's salamanders to provide the quality and reliability you have come to expect from that name.

In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:
Powerful Heat - Six 8,300 BTU/hr bar type burners deliver a leading 50K in heat input.
Precision Control - Temperature control allows for infinite adjustment.
Convenient Mounting Option - Broiler is designed for mounting to the Vulcan Endurance Range.
Quality Construction - Front, top, and sides are stainless steel.
Simple Adjustment - Innovative trigger grip enables best positioning of the broiling rack.
Easy Cleanup - Fullwidth spillage pan is removable. Heavy duty broiling carriage is chrome plated.
Solid Warranty - One year limited parts and labor.

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