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Vulcan 60SS-6B24G - 60" Gas Range 2 Ovens 6 Burners 24" Griddle

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The restaurant kitchen can seem like a carnival instead of a culinary institution - tools are flying, workers are shouting, and everyone is in a hurry. With time and space at a premium, a 3-in-1 commercial range with six burners, a griddle, and two ovens could be just what you need. And if it is, you should consider Vulcan’s innovative and efficient 60SS-6B24G from their Endurance range line. The 60SS-6B24G’s innovations will increase productivity and save you money. Vulcan has engineered their ovens with perforations that enhance natural convection currents. This Excelerator airflow technology eliminates cold spots and enables baking at two levels simultaneously. On the stovetop, they reduced the pilot lights by half with a shrouded flash tube system that lights two burners off one pilot, saving almost $300 a year in energy costs. Achieve higher production and profits with the innovative 60SS-6B-24G. Not only will the 60SS-6B24G increase your profits, but its features will ensure great performance. The rear grates are 2” larger than the front to accommodate large stock pots and wide pans. The control knobs and oven handle are designed to stay cool to the touch, preventing burns. Vulcan has included a spacious front plating ledge to support your workflow and an extra deep pull out crumb tray to ease cleaning. Details like these support your staff and your flow. The 60SS-6B24G’s innovation and attention to detail can help your kitchen improve its profits, production, and performance. Buy a Vulcan range and equip yourself for success. In a hurry? Check out these key benefits: Energy Efficient Improvements - Shrouded flash-tube ignition cuts pilot gas use in half. Innovative Oven - Excelerator technology improves oven circulation, enabling simultaneous, multi-level baking. Attention to Detail - Oversized rear grates, “cool to the touch” controls, extra-deep crumb tray, and front plating ledge simplify the cooking process. Quality Manufacturer - Vulcan is an award-winning company known for constructing durable equipment.

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