Vulcan ABC7E-208 Combi Oven - Full Size Boilerless Electric 208V

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Commercial oven
Power Type: Electric
Your mission: keep food tender, moist, and delicious all the way from heat source to plating. With traditional cooking methods that dehydrate food, it can sometimes be impossible. But with steam cooking on a combi oven like Vulcan’s ABC7E, accomplishing your mission is easier than you might think.

At their inception, combination ovens were complex and difficult to operate. With just a few control dials, Vulcan’s ABC7E breaks that stigma and makes cooking with a combi oven simple. Just set your desired time and temperature; the ABC7E automatically adjusts the humidity to an averaged “sweet spot” for most foods. From there, you can adjust the humidity to your liking. If you’re able to operate a conventional oven, you can operate the Vulcan ABC7E combi oven.

Don’t mistake ease-of-use for limited use, though; the ABC7E is versatile and multipurpose. Through its various time, temperature, and humidity settings, you can use the ABC7 combi oven for a wide variety of applications, such as baking, steaming, roasting, air-frying, rethermalizing, proofing, and finishing.

The ABC7E is particularly suited for high volume kitchens such as those in schools and hospitals; with an auto-reversing fan, simple controls, and repeating timer, it’s easy for multiple operators to get consistent, high-quality results from the same combi oven.

Keeping food tender and juicy throughout the cooking process doesn’t have to be difficult. With the Vulcan ABC7E combi oven’s steam cooking power, you can keep dishes moist and delicious with just a couple turns of a knob. Mission accomplished.

In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:
3 simple knobs; no modes, just temperature, time, and humidity
Humidity is automatically averaged after setting temperature
Operator can fine-tune humidity manually
Boilerless combi oven with direct steam creation
One year limited parts and labor commercial warranty

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