Vulcan MF-1 - Portable Filtration for Vulcan Gas Fryers

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Commercial fryer
One of the last things you want during a peak hour of operation is poor oil quality. Your busiest times will notice a lack of customers who have all noticed your fried foods' decreased quality. The portable oil filtration system was developed by Vulcan to increase oil quality by reducing your maintenance and operational costs. Don't take shortcuts by reusing burnt, crumb filled oil. Take advantage of Vulcan's filtration system and start saving money and valuable time!

Maintenance and operational costs will drop due to regular filtration from this easy to use equipment. Simply roll your filtration system close to your fryer and quickly hook it up to the system's 1/3 horsepower motor which circulates hot oil at eight gallons every minute. Once the oil has finished running through the filter and has pumped back into the fryer tank, you're all done! Or, if the oil is burned, simply use Vulcan's four foot discard hose to get rid of your old oil. This type of regular filtration will decrease typical maintenance issues which result in sparingly filtering your fryer. Basic operational costs diminish as well, as consistent filtration results in a smaller consumption of oil in the long run. This way, Vulcan keeps money in your bank and simultaneously increases food quality!

Choose Vulcan's portable oil filtration system for optimal oil quality and minimal maintenance repairs. Don't get stuck in a cycle of functioning by the skin of your teeth, buy Vulcan today and reap the benefits of top quality oil during busy and calm hours.

Enjoy a very large 110 lbs oil capacity tank
Consider the fold-down stainless steel handle with 6" wheels for ease of mobility
A essential 4' high temperature oil discard hose is included
The durable 16-gauge stainless steel filter vessel demonstrates Vulcan's continual pursuit of excellence
User friendly removable primary crumb catch basket makes cleaning a cinch!
A powerful 1/3 HP motor/pump at 8-gallon/min circulating hot oil gets the job done right every time

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