Vulcan MSA60 - 60" Heavy Duty Snap Action Griddle MSA Series

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The sound of a sizzling flat top is music to your ears. In a successful kitchen like yours, that music is concert that plays all day. You need a large, powerful griddle like the Vulcan MSA60 to keep up with the high demand. Vulcan’s heavy duty griddles in the MSA line are designed for high performance and precision control.

The MSA60’s snap action thermostat equips you with precision control. A typical modulating thermostat allows temperature creep while idling, resulting in temperature fluctuation up to 100° F. An embedded snap-action thermostat works more responsively, keeping within 15° F of the set temperature. Precision control has never been easier.

The MSA60 is a high performing griddle. Every 12” of griddle surface has a “U” shaped burner with 27,000 BTU/hr. heat input. A thick 1” griddle plate will hold in heat for a faster recovery and improved temperature stability. Built for performance, the MSA60 will serve your kitchen day in and day out.

Vulcan’s excellence is also seen in a number of thoughtful details. They added chromed knob guards to the thermostat controls to keep you from changing the temperature with an accidental bump. They engineered the bullnose to stay cool even when the griddle is sizzling. They raised the back and side splashes to 4” to keep grease from clogging the flue. In your active kitchen, small details can make a big difference.

The precision performance and heat stability of the Vulcan MSA-60 will help you answer your high demand. Buy the Vulcan MSA-60 and let the music play.

In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:
1” thick griddle plate
Embedded snap action thermostat
Temperature-resistant bullnose
Chromed thermostat knob guards
Quality Manufacturer
Note: This unit is only for commercial kitchens and cannot be used in a residential kitchen

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