Vulcan VCCG24-A Custom Chain Griddle 24 in.

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Spacious 24 in. Griddle Area (2 individually controlled 12 in. zones)
Durable Stainless Steel Component Construction
Adjustable Temperature 150 to 550 F
High Capacity 6 Quart Grease Drawer
The Vulcan VCCG24-A is a spacious and energy efficient 24 in. atmospheric gas griddle comprised of 2 individually controlled 12 in. griddle zones. These individually controlled griddle zones allow for maximum convenience and energy conservation. In addition to this Custom Chain Griddle's spacious cooking zone, it also features a high-capacity 6 quart grease drawer.

Vulcan's Custom Chain Griddles have a flexible griddle platform which provides you with a selection between two different burner systems; the IRX infrared and atmospheric (listed here). The VCCG24-A atmospheric gas griddle is energy efficient, using only 30,000 BTU/hr per 12 in. griddle zone or 60,000 BTU/hr when both burners are in use. This Custom Chain Griddle by Vulcan comes factory shipped with 1 in. thick polished steel griddle plate that features top seam welding and has temperature control from 150-550 F.

The VCCG24-A is constructed with stainless steel components and comes with 4 in. heavy duty adjustable legs to ensure long lasting durability and even cooking top. Vulcan's VCCG24-A has an electronic ignition that features a pilot protection system that maintains fast and reliable ignition. In addition to the stainless steel construction and space efficient design, the VCCG24-A also features attractive chrome plated knob guards.

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