Vulcan VCRG48-M 48" Medium Duty Manual Control Griddle

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The sound of a sizzling griddle takes me back to homemade meals as a kid. Dad would sear the steaks while Mom toasted the bread. To serve this homestyle juicy steak or a garlicky piece of buttered toast in your restaurant, you need a quality griddle. These savory foods will keep your customers coming back for more. If you are shopping for a 48” griddle, invest in quality with the Vulcan VCRG48-M - designed for your chef by a leading manufacturer.

The Vulcan VCRG48-M was designed with the professional chef in mind. A powerful design with 100,000 BTU/hr. heat input from four “U” shaped burners will not disappoint. And the thick 1” polished steel flat-top will hold heat evenly across the deep 20 ½” griddle. Cleaning is made easy with a high capacity grease trough that can hold over a gallon of runoff. In the Restaurant Series Griddles, Vulcan has put performance at a price point you can reach.

Vulcan is a trusted commercial equipment provider. For over 130 years, Vulcan has manufactured durable and quality equipment. Vulcan has been recognized as “Best in Class” in many hotside categories including the countertop griddle. With a reputation as strong as Vulcan’s, you can count on them for a dependable griddle.

Enrich your kitchen with the Vulcan VCRG48-M. With a brand as performance-focused as Vulcan, your chef - and your customers - will be happy you did.

In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:
Spacious Flat-top - A large 20 1/2” griddle surface will serve a high demand
Quality Manufacturer - Recognized as Best in Class and a trusted provider worldwide
Reliable Performance - Four “U” shaped burners with 25,000 BTU/hr. heat input and a 1” thick polished steel griddle plate to maintain heat

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