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Cream Cookers

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Our line of cookers are expertly designed for the delicate and rapid bain-marie preparation of jams and creams for fillings, including crème patisserie, sabayon, and chantilly. They are also perfect for refined mixes including béchamel and other sauces, potato puree, risottos and polenta. Each of our cream cookers is equipped with a stainless steel bowl that can tilt to 90° for easy product removal, and a stainless steel tubular structure that makes cleaning simple. Options include a steam-operated cooking system for more rapid and intensive use, an inverter device for simpler setting of optimum mixing speeds, a blender with special scraper for processes requiring a forced blending phase, and a timer and acoustic device to indicate that cooking is finished. Available in 30, 60, 140, and 250 liter capacity models. Also, a planetary version is available for more dense formulas.

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