Multidrop Compact Cookie Machine

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Cookie machine
The most comprehensive Multidrop Compact: a real professional, ready to start work immediately!

This model incorporates all of the technology and capabilities of the entire Multidrop family. The Multidrop Compact FL has the ability to produce simple or complex spritz deposits, as well as wire-cut products. The addition of the nozzle twisting capabilities allows the user to achieve very unique and attractive product surface designs; while the incorporation of wire-cut only expands the broad range of products our clients are able to process with this machine. Through the very user-friendly touch-screen PLC, each program can be extensively manipulated in order to set your products apart from the rest. As always, the possibilities for the various shapes of the wire-cut moulds are infinite as we manufacture every die in-house and according to our clients’ exact specifications
•Stationary nozzles
•Rotating nozzles
•Wire-cut mould

Models Available:
-Wire cut only (Model FET)
-Depositing only (Model FE)
-Depositing with Twisting (Model FR)

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