T260/T400/T500/T550/T600 Enrobing Machines

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Chocolate enrober
These dedicated enrobing machines utilize jacketed bain-marie bowl heating only and do not have the ability to temper chocolate. These machines are intended to be used with compound coatings that do not require tempering. The machines also have an agitator fitted inside the jacketed bowl bowl in order to keep the chocolate homogeneous and fluid. With the addition of a wire-mesh enrobing conveyor, you will have an enrobing system complete with dispenser, blower, wire-mesh belt vibrator, and tail-cutting device. In addition, there are numerous enrobing heads available to achieve unique product designs (i.e. zig-zag, bottom only, top/bottom, drizzle, etc…). The enrobing conveyor is available in multiple working widths for a wide variety of production capacity requirements. These machines come equipped with a flow-stopping foot pedal and a programmable dosing system. They can be completed with a heated vibrating table as well; a useful accessory when creating pralines, chocolate bars, Easter eggs, and other hollow shapes. 

Multiple models available for any production requirement.
T260: 9.8" Wide Enrobing Belt
T400: 9.8 or 11.8" Wide Enrobing Belt
T500: 11.8" Wide Enrobing Belt
T550: 15.5" Wide Enrobing Belt
T600: 23.5" Wide Enrobing Belt

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