Non-Flammable, Perfume Single Head Piston Filler/ Filling Machine(AIR ONLY) JET-1000 Fills Liquid, Paste, Oil, Gel, Peanut Butter

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Filling machine
Safe for flammable products!(POWER SUPPLY = AIR ONLY ) Jet-1000 Piston Filler/ Air Only -Fills from 100ml-1000ml -Fills from 20-40 per min -S.S. 13 Gallon Hopper -Shut off Nozzle Attachment w/Speed Control -1 x Nozzle -PSI Filter & Oil Regulator -Foot Pedal -Hopper Cap -Tutorial Video DvD/ Links -Hablamos Espanol -Customer Service 24/7 Please feel free to email or give us a call! Office P#(818)720-3686

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