Ape Impianti INCA 1200/M Depalletizers

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Fully automatic pick and place machine, with chassis, bottles and cases accumulation tables in stainless steel AISI 304.

Simple and sturdy structure suitable for cases and plastic crates.
Radial mechanical movement by inverter controlled Seweurodrive gear motor.
Fixed and multiformat pick-up heads allow a perfect result with case with or without partitions paying attention to the labels. Quick format changeover, which requires only few minutes.

OUTPUT: 450 cartons/hr. for 12 bottles cartons or with cartons with length over 300 mm. 900 cartons/hr. for 6 bottles cartons or with cartons with length under 300 mm.
Provided with CE mark in specification of the Directive of the European Council (89/392 CEE) next modifications.
Complete with:

Bottle conveyor table with propylene chains at low friction coefficient.
Photocell control that monitors the presence of bottles.
Safety guards.
Arm movement safety.
Head movement safety.

Bottles equipment : Excluded
Manufacturer:Ape Impianti
Model:INCA 1200/M

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