Ape Impianti ISOLA 2 HM BEER Case packers

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Case packer
A new project, developed on more than thirty – year packaging machinery experience It merges all case erecting and packing operations in a single machine.Within its compact frame, reliable and high performing, ISOLA 2 HM BEER is the perfect packaging solution for every craft brewery.
Composed of:
CASE ERECTING UNITProvides square, well-sealed cases to in-line packer.Vacuum grippers ensure proper case transfer from case magazine and smooth case opening.After hot melt application, a specific device providesbottom flap folding.The pressing device compresses bottom flaps to keep upwith the most secure seal before packing operations.
IN-LINE PACKING UNITProvides product lineup and container placemet.The bottles/carriers conveyor ensures continuous product feed to the picking platform.An horizontal transfer device arranges the precise number of bottles or carriers to be packed-in.Bottom closed cases, coming from case erecting unit, are transferred to packing station.Dedicated packing head picks and places product inside the case.A special centering device provides follow through packing operations to assure gentle product handling and labels integrity.
MACHINE TECHNICAL FEATURES:- Placed on a weld and bolt steel basement that eliminates vibrations and ensures long life, machine frame is completely manufactured with STAINLESS STEEL AISI 304.
- Clear guard doors, provided with aluminium specifics and  5 mm thickness polycarbonate panels, combine maximum visibility with total protection as they stop production when openend.
- The packing head movement is ensured by rugged construction. Motorized arm is provided with SEW EURODRIVE Parallel Shaft Helical Gearmotor with high performance ratio to guarantee maximum control and efficiency.
- Machine suitable for bottles/carriers special packing equipments to ensure maximum flexibility.
- Quick changeover requires 5/10 minutes thanks to rapid adjust cranks and slides with locking handles.
- Clean and wide TOUCHSCREEN PANEL (HMI) gives easy and intuitive machine operating. The HMI allows the operator to create new programs. Main settings are accessed at the operator panel for quick and easy changeover. The touchscreen panel keeps helping users with guidances and alarms while operating. Any time theHMI displays all machine functioning parameters for maximum control.
- Equipped with NORDSON hot melt application system available with new integrated ProBlue 4 melters device.NORDSON ProBlue technology delivers realiability, unmatched performance and simply mainteinance operations. Provided with hot melt pre-warming function to optimize packaging line efficiency.
- Nr. 80/150 case magazine equipped with product lack signal alarm.
Case dimensions:Lenght: M in. 190 mm M ax. 440 mmWidth: M in. 120 mm M ax. 330 mmHeight: M in. 185 mm M ax. 400 mm
Carrier dimensions:Nr. 4/6/8- pack carrier.Thickness: M in. / M ax. 1,2 mmLength: M in. 125 mm M ax. 290 mmHeight: M in. 170 mm M ax. 280 mmWidth: M in. 110 mm Max. 165 mmCell: b ottle diameter + 4 mm
Bottle dimensions:Diameter: M in. 50 mm M ax. 100 mmHeight: M in. 180 mm M ax. 350 mmProductivity: 500 cycles/h (1/24, 2/12).Productivity may vary in relation to different product format.
PLC: SIEMENSOPERATOR PANEL: SIEMENSGEARMOTOR: SEW EURODRIVEPNEUMATIC: FESTOSTANDARD ELECTRICAL CONFIGURATION: 400 Volt /50 Hz / 3PH + Neutral + EarthTechnical specifications may be adjusted to each country requirement.
Manufacturer:Ape Impianti

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