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Ape Impianti PAL 1300 BASE Palletizer


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PALLETIZER MOD PAL 1300 Case automatic palletizes with pallet on the floor Providedwith CE mark in specification of the Directive of the European Council (89/392 CEE) next modifications.PERFORMED OPERATIONS:- On the belt conveyor the cases are rotated, when necessary, and the row is prepared.- Once the case row is ready, it is loaded on an elevator belt. When the belt is at the pallet level, the cases row is transferred on the deposit table.- Once the cases layer is completed, it is deposited on the pallet.- Once the programmed number of layers is completed, the machine is positioned on the highest point waiting that the operator extracts the loaded pallet and introduces the empty pallet, or if in automatic version, the motorized conveyor bring out the full pallet and in the empty pallet.Machine is composed by:Double columns frame for vertical translationRotation deviceTable for row preparationElevatorDeposit table with rollersDoors and safety barriers according to EC regulationsTouch screen control panelSEW gear unitsAdditional compacting packers: they keep the spaces empty in the cases layer centre during the releasing phase- No.3 programs for pallet configuration includedTECHNICAL DATA:Overall dimensions mm 2800 x 2500 x 3300hWorkable pallets sizes : 800x1200 mm, 1000x1200 mm, h 2400 mm (pallet on the floor)OUTPUT: 1050 cph (17 cpm) ref. to case of 12 format.Effective output has to be confirmed by in-house format samples testing. Manufacturer:Ape Impianti Model:PAL 1300 BASE Code:APE-PAL1300BASE-Q0 Category:AUTOMATIC PACKAGING MACHINE

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