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Ape Impianti PAL 2010 BASE palletizers


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PALLETIZER ""PAL 2010 BASE""Automatic programmable case palletizer.Provided with CE mark in specification of the Directive of the European Council (89/392 CEE) next modifications.PERFORMED OPERATIONS:- The empty pallet is positioned under the machine by the operator.- The machine is filled with cases by the line, it monitors that the flaps are not open, it separates and numbers the cases leading them onto the belt conveyor for row formation.- On the first belt conveyor the cases are rotated, when necessary.- The second conveyor belt takes cases at the precise distance set in the program by means of the controlled movement of the belt. Mechanical case-stop devices are no more necessary, thus securing a great stability of the cases and the possibility to set any required distance between a case and the following one.- Once the case row is ready, it is loaded, by a pushing device, in the layer formation area. This operation is repeated till the layer palletizing pattern is completed.- Once the layer is completed, the plane for transferring the layer, positioned at the height of the pallet, transfers the whole layer of cases and deposits it.- The plane for transferring the layer splits itself. When it is positioned onto the pallet, the plane opens and divides itself in two parts. This technical solution secures a perfect layer formation even if there is free space among the cases and with no need for optional devices.- The cases are fastened at the programmed size by a special case compaction device.- The machine is positioned again on the row loading point.- Once the programmed number of layers is completed, the machine is positioned on the highest point waiting that the operator extracts the loaded pallet and introduces the empty pallet.Equipped with:- Twin upright structure with Sew-Eurodrive motor drive controlled by inverter- Conveyor belt for layer formation controlled by PLC- Case rotation unit - Pushing device speed controlled by inverter Complete with:- Programmable Siemens PLC logic- No. 1 program for pallet configuration included- Number of layers programmable by the operator on the touch screen- Possibility to programme the pause to put a layer pad among the layersOUTPUT: 1440 cph (24 cpm) ref. to case of 12 format.Effective output has to be confirmed by in-house format samples testing. Manufacturer:Ape Impianti Model:PAL 2010 BASE Code:APE-PAL 2010BASE-Q0 Category:AUTOMATIC PACKAGING MACHINE

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