Bonicomm F 120 Can sealers

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Can sealer
Bonicomm, a specialist in seaming equipment,have launched the automatic seamer mod. F120, which can seam any lid material at a rate of 30 to 120 cans a minute. The machine can work with can diameters ranging from 5.2 cm to 12.7 cm and heights of between 2.4 cm and 24 cm. The seamer consists of two casting monoblocs and an inlet conveyor with a worm to synchronise cans. The seamer mod. F120 can also be used to drive filling and dosing machines. The base is made from Aisi 316 stainless steel. The weight from Aisi 316 gives the machine greater stability and the steel guards against corrosive products such as sugar,salt and vinegar. The upper head is made from cast iron with a Nichel Surface treatment. the height of the head is adjustable trough two vertical columns.which enables quick and frequent changeovers. The machine have NQ 2 seaming heads (each one with NQ 4 seaming levers),one of Fisrt Operation and one of Second Opeartion. Seamer mod.F120 is powered by a 3KW motor, which has an Inverter to enable the capacity to be varied. Feeding turret is supplied in the standard version with NQ 1 worm but it is possible to be furnished with NQ 2 or NQ 3 worms to avoid problems with not standard lids.
Production capacity: 30 - 120 cpmNumber of seaming station: 2Maximum can diameter: 127 mmMinimum can diameter: 52,4 mmMaximum can height:  245 mmMinimum can height: 27 mmMotor rating: 3 kwWeight: 2200 kgDimensions: 2100 x 1440 x 2100 h
Model:F 120

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